Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fundraising - Suggestions Welcomed!

I am a teacher. I am currently teaching kindergarten gym. Yep. It's a blast! We dance. We run. We basically just play hard. I love it!

I also love the school I teach at. The staff is friendly. The kids are friendly.

Each year our grade 7/8 students go off to Camp Celtic and have a great time. The problem is that the camp is very expensive for many of our families and the teachers spend most of the year raising money to help with the cost. They have sewn scarves, flogged hot dogs and hot chocolate, sold copies of their "Thriller" dance party, held raffles and asked various sponsors for help.

My contribution has been getting the staff addicted to my milk chocolate chip cookies and then selling them each week for 50cents a cookie or 3 for $1. So far this has collected $30. It's a running joke at our school that I am now "dealing" in cookies.
So, my question to you is this:
What are some other fundraising ideas that have worked at your local school? Church? Sports team? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Our Jr. High ASB will sell pizza, snacks and sodas at the Basketball games. In the past popsicles have been sold after school on Fridays. Hope this helps a little.

  2. My daughter is raising money for a music department trip at the end of the year. So she got some ladies to donate scrapbook supplies that they no longer needed and she sold them Saturday at a scrapbooking events at a discount price and made $138

  3. the girls' school just did a fund raiser where they partnered with a company who supplied frames for an art show -- can't remember their name, but you could google it. the kids worked on special projects in art class, then on the showing night, they were all displayed on racks in the cafeteria. the framed art was $30 - expensive, but it's really easy to switch out the art, so i thought it was worth it. not sure how much the school got out of it, but i thought it was cute.

  4. Our daycare raises funds through "Shop and Support"... it's a Canadian fundraising company that give you a percentage of the sales of gift cards. I buy my groceries with Loblaws gift cards, and I buy my gas with Esso cards. In 18 months, I have raised over $500 for the daycare buy using cards from "Shop and Support." Google them. It's totally legit. (and no, they didn't pay me for this! lol)

    Your cookies look decadent, btw. Mmmmmmm...

  5. Love that scale. Our old one just died, I like that model.

    The best fundraiser to date was Yankee Candle sales. We got 50% of the profit, and they made A LOT of money.