Wednesday, June 23, 2010

We're expecting!!!!

We are just a little excited...
The newest addition to our family will be arriving home in mid-August...just about the same time of the year we brought our other, less furry, children home.
As of right now we are thinking we will call her:
Sorella Rose Hodgkinson
She is a Spinone Italiano and the word "sorella" is Italian for "sister". We will likely call her "Ella" -the shortened form.
Supplies: A boat load of Spinone Italiano puppies, one mommy Spinone Italiano named "Rosie", some newspaper.

Supplies: one surrogate mother named "Rosie".


  1. Congratulations! Way to grab attention, Sarah. I love how the little white pup on top is giving a group hug. Miss you!

  2. Awwww what a cute family of dogs! So happy for you :)

    Hahahah at the white pup giving a hug to all.

  3. that's a lot of puppies!!! They look so cute, and I'm sure it will be a wonderful new addition to your family! Congratulations!