Friday, October 30, 2009

I will never move again

Fact: Moving is a huge task.
Fact: Moving makes you take stock of everything you own.
Fact: We have a lot of junk!
Here is a picture I took of Matthew on the night before we moved. Behind him was a sea of boxes, wrapping papers and chaos. I would have to say the boy looks scared.

This past weekend was our move to our new house. I am currently sitting in our new craft room. Yep. Just like the Jeffersons..."we're a movin' on up!" We used to craft in our dining room so this is very exciting for Ema and me.
Now, as if the move wasn't crazy enough, on Tuesday of this past week I got a call on my cell phone as I was about to load my kindergarten class onto a bus for a pumpkin patch field trip. It was my son's school calling to say that he was sick and that he needed to be picked up. My husband picked him up and my dear mother watched him for us for the rest of the day. Turns out it was the flu. I was then up until 1am with him at the emergency waiting to hear if it was H1N1. Although it was never confirmed it has been a long three days of fever, vomitting, and troubles with his breathing. The fever finally broke this morning and now he is determined to make a 100% recovery by tomorrow night for trick-or-treating.
In other news, my retailers' class in Ottawa, ON, has been postponed until November 29th and 30th. It will be a two day event with cards, mini-album and other projects. Keep watching my "Up Coming Classes" section for more details.

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