Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good grief

Surely it's not just me.
Surely I am not the only mother in the world that points the camera at her children and has to BEG for a normal photo.
No crossed eyes. No tongues out. Is it too much to ask?
Here's the "Stop-looking-like-goobs-and-just-smile" photo:

Here's a glimpse of pretty much every shot before that one:

I tell ya, we mothers aren't paid enough.


  1. At least you get a nice picture (even if it takes begging).... and at least your 'other' shots are funny. Mine just give me an evil stare (most of the time).

  2. That photo of your son in the second one is exactly what I get from my 10 year old grandson. He thinks he is the champion of goofy faces!!!

  3. Hahaha!!!! My son makes that exact same face!!!!

  4. hey mom! why did you put that picture on know wonder im weird!

  5. oh and tell your friends to go on my blog.