Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scrapbook & Cards Today and Craft Gossip

What a week...and that's just putting it mildly.
First of all, we have sold our a matter of 12 hours. The "For Sale" sign went up yesterday morning at 10am and before 10pm last night we had a serious buyer who has already signed the contract.
Last Tuesday night we went for a tour of a house and raced home to make them an offer which was conditional on us selling our house. The house we want has EVERYTHING that we need for our daughter, Ema. Ema was born with a very rare skin disorder called Ichthyosis. Ever since she was born we have known that we would need to find a house that suited her needs or spend a lot of time and money converting the house we are in now. Again, we have found the perfect house for Ema. Prayers have been answered.
Here's a picture of the front of our new house. My good friend, Kim, lives in the house next door (to the left). Wheee!

Next, on Monday, June 15, there was a lot of traffic to this blog thanks to a "Blog of the Week" shout out at Craft Gossip. It's a great little website, full of inspiration and great techniques. Allow yourself at least one cup of coffee to linger through.
Finally, today at Scrapbook & Cards Today they are featuring a teacher thank you gift set, card and layout of mine. Whoa. Again, be sure to allow another cup of joe for exploring this awesome blog as well. Tips, giveaways, and loads of inspiration. Their summer issue is due out in a week or so as well. Exciting times!
That's it for's only 7am. Who knows where this day is leading?
Have a good one!


  1. sooooooooooo many congratulations to you!!! good luck with getting everything into place :)

  2. wowza... lots going on to keep you on your toes! Your new house looks so pretty! Even better that it's good for Ema... so happy you sold your house so quickly so you are able to move. And WTG on the bloggy goodness too!

  3. Congrats on the house sale, and the house buy!! How exciting that things are falling in place so quickly.

  4. SOOOOO Thankful that everything worked out! WAHOOOOOOOO! And so glad you didn't show a pic of that crazy neighbour's house (it's a bit of a jungle). Now you can breath a sigh of relief.
    P.S. Ed wants his finder's fee :)LOL!

  5. Huge YEAH on the selling of your house and the new one for you guys that will fit your needs better.

  6. Yeah!!!!!!
    So happy that your house sold so quickly! That's amazing!

  7. Congrats! Great blog too, btw!

  8. Wow, Sarah, that looks like a GREAT house!! So happy for you!!

  9. Thanks for all the well wishes! We still can't believe our house sold so quickly.